Sunrise House: Staged

This house was situated on an incredible waterfront lot. The house was stunning from the outside. It had been sitting on the real estate market for over a year and was in need of some serious updating. I had a shoestring budget, so refurnishing was out of the question. It also was entirely “grey” on the interior. From walls to furniture to carpeting to countertops, it was grey! I added some color, rearranged the furnishings, added some wall & home décor and decluttered the guesthouse. I was very happy when the house sold within the next month.

Hermannson House: Remodeled & Furnished

This was a historic house built in 1908. I tried to keep the historic feel to the house while adding updated furnishings, paint and additions. The master bath was completely remodeled. I used vintage style tile, wainscoting and cabinetry to keep the cottage ambiance. Farmhouse style furniture was used in the dining & living rooms. The kitchen was updated with stainless appliances and an island for storage in the limited space. This house had so much character from the leaded glass windows to the built in window seats, it was a pleasure to update and furnish it.

Wood Avenue: Decluttered & Staged

This condo was just going on the market and needed to be entirely decluttered and staged for sale. The owner had lived in the space for 20 years, and didn’t believe in throwing anything away. The furnishings were dated and there were boxes of debris in every room. I had a week to get the condo organized and convince the owner to take down old window coverings and remove some furnishings. I had to work within her restrictions for color & décor, but I think it turned out beautifully, and opened up the windows to that amazing Eagle Harbor view. I was also pleased that the property sold in just a couple months.